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Transformed miXed Realities

Own the experience in a Transformed Mixed Reality.

Empowering Homebuyers

When your customer is looking for their new home its an exciting experience and will be one of the most important decisions they will ever need to make. They’ll spend hours, weeks, months browsing new and second-hand homes websites. They’ll discover new developers. They’ll be physically or virtually visiting a variety of sites when trying to find their new home to explore new spaces and it can be a lengthy and indefinite process. They then try to visualise and imagine how their home will look, how to design their rooms, discussing with their friends and family to get second opinions and asking sales teams for further advice until they can finally see themselves with an emotive connection in your home before finally feeling confident enough to fully commit to the sale. Is there a missing link between your product and customer interaction as part of your service?

Enabling confident decisions with TXR

With Transformed Mixed Reality (TXR) the customer can pursue their design decisions with the assistance of an interactive model of which they can have creative control over. Watch your customer become more excited and build an emotional connection during their interactions with the project at hand through our TXR services. Immersed in a virtual world there is the opportunity to do 3 things:

  1. Explore the space. Walk through a leisurely virtual environment, accessible from PC, mobile and virtual devices.
  2. Interact using their own imagination. Why not see what the white bathroom tiles look like in grey, or switch out that mahogany herringbone flooring to the oak laminate. Hate the gloss kitchen worktop? Try it out in a marble instead. This can all be completed within the virtual environment. Providing options within the customer experience will allow you to see a more engaged, confident and decisive customer.
  3. Determine their design preferences. The customer has invented their very own creation of how they want their space to look. Your customer has a digital copy to refer back to, and likewise the developer/contractor can see exactly what the customer needs to complete their desired finishing touches.

This can all be done virtually from their browser or phone. No pesky applications, no timely software downloads, just the ability to stream from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and you’ll have an instant virtual environment ready to go.

Online interactive demonstration

Get in touch to access to an online demonstration info@transformologyxr.com

Offline pre-recorded video

Keep the customer engaged at every step of the way.

Preparing a customer for a newly built home or project can seem like its a long wait away. Using TXR allows customers to feel more involved through the production timeline and enables them to build an emotional connection to the product through the virtual experience.

The customer will have a detailed interactive 3D immersive layout of their project and you are offering them the reigns to alter design specifications and add their own requirements flexibly and at their own leisure. This allows the customer to have an added sense of ownership to the ongoing development whilst you are maintaining your customer experience to the highest standards, providing a service that is unbeatable by any of your competitors.

In the fast-paced digital era, customer expectations are at an all time high and encouraging your customer to be involved interactively could help your customer have peace of mind that the decisions they have made for their new home have been made confidently and accurately. Sometimes the most difficult thing for a customer to do is visualise how the end product will look, even if they have ideas of exactly how they want something to be, piecing two-and-two together is not always seamless for your customer. The opportunity presents itself to homebuilders and property developers to allow customers to be better associated with the project and build a two-way understanding during the full construction process from the moment they interact with you.