CGI and 3D floorplans

Transformed miXed Realities

Visualize Your Development at Pre-Build or During-Build Stage

A high-quality CGI is an attractive marketing tool that enables your audience to engage with your development from the get-go.

Build momentum on a product or development that doesn’t quite exist yet with a fresh quality standalone visual. Give the customer a feel for your project and trigger their interest, even before construction starts, with the help of an impressive CGI.

The customer journey starts with aspiration, and you can channel this into your marketing with these high-quality static images. Individual images can be built to view from all angles, offering an initial opportunity to inspire your audience to find out more.

3D Floorplans

Provide your customers with an elevated perspective of their new home layout. Viewing the floor area from above really shows off room capacity, which allows your customer to better understand the spaces they strive to explore inside.

For a customer struggling to visualize where they would like a kitchen unit moved, get a wall repositioned or even where their furniture might fit in. These are all common queries that could be better answered with a simple 3D floor area visualization.