Transformed eXtended Realities

Transforming Real estate, Smart Cities, Businesses and Brands into the Metaverse

Welcome to TransformologyXR

We are a new provider of cutting-edge technologies and services for real estate, smart cities, businesses and brands; transforming them into the Metaverse. TransformologyXR creates environments that are responsive, adaptive, inviting, and exciting. We believe that technology and environments are deeply connected and that each one has an influence and effect on the other. We are innovative and agile. Each member of our team comes with a unique set of skills, and together we can help you and your customers create buildings and environments that stand out from the rest.

At TransformologyXR, our solutions help businesses reach a wider customer base through innovative engaging channels. Our Transformed Mixed Realities services for real estate help leading companies create compelling virtual experiences that help them through their marketing and sales processes. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created to help your customers experience your homes in a new way to help them through their home buying journey.

For Smart Cities, we are developing TXR Meta City products and services, leveraging Unreal Engine, ArcGIS Pro, City Engine and Houdini to create the Meta cities of the future, we will be launching our first city in the Metaverse by end of Q4 2022, follow us on LinkedIn to get our latest updates on our exciting journey

TXR Services for Real Estate

We work closely with our clients and partners to help them transform their customer’s journey. Our services and technologies are designed to provide the best tools and cutting-edge channels at a competitive price that guarantees you a great ROI and sets you miles apart from competitors.

TXR Meta City

Explore the City
Search for Projects
See the surroundings and amenities


Explore the City in GIS Maps
Urban Planning
Slide Tours

TXR Site

Explore the interactive site
Search for plots
See the surroundings and amenities
Customise the site layout

TXR Landmark

Explore the interactive Landmark
Search for flats
See the surroundings and amenities 

 TXR Showhome

Explore the interactive property
Customise the interior design
Create CGI and Videos on-demand

Our Technology

Personalised Customer Experience

We can help you showcase your projects using the latest technologies from the gaming industry, to create a personalized experience for your customers.

AI-assisted Digital Asset Creation

Transformology AI helps our artists create CGI (Computer-Generated Images) for your properties and development, turning your CAD drawings into compelling and visually appealing models.

Hosting in the Cloud

Our models are hosted in the cloud to allow your customers to interact and stream our models on any device. No need to download models or software. No need for specialized hardware, just employ your device and enjoy.

Turn your drawings and plans into reality

At TransformologyXR we help you create immersive environments and use our enabling technology to transform your experience.


Create appealing digital assets for your sales and marketing teams

Flythrough animations

Showcase your property’s true potenatial

Virtual Reality

Create compelling virtual environments

Transformed Mixed Reality

Experience our cutting edge technology that gives your customers an immersive experience that builds their emotional connection with your homes


Brand New Visualizations with Unlimited Power and Customization Possibilities

TransformologyXR technologies and services allow you to harness the latest technologies and help your customers visualize, design and experience your homes in interactive and engaging way, unleashing their imagination and building an emotional connection with your homes.


Enjoy The Best Design and Functions Combined

Visualize your developments interactively for Management, Developers, Investors, Technical, Sales, and Marketing needs.