Transformed miXed Realities

At TransformologyXR, our vision is to enable everyone to design and visualize their dream homes, transforming their journey throughout their project life-cycle from Ideation to Design, Purchase, and Contracting, Execution all the way to Realization. 

Our platform and services democratise technology and creates an ecosystem where people, designers, architects , contractors, suppliers, retailers can engage through our immersive environments and use our enabling technology to transform their experience. 

We harness Mixed Reality, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology through our platform and services to bring the cutting edge technology and make it available at our customers and partners fingertips.

We are excited about the future. We are getting our platform, products, and services ready for our official launch in June. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting journey with home builders, real estate agents, home buyers and renovators, and more news on our future services for other industries.